WINDY CITY HEAT being released on DVD – hell yeah!

Dude I thought I would never see this movie again. Why? Because Jimmy Kimmel said so.

Honestly, I heard about this movie Windy City Heat a few years ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Jimmy was talking about how hilarious the movie was and mentioned that it’s directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. It was a “made for TV” movie that aired on Comedy Central only one time I think.

Anyway, the movie could actually be considered one long prank, or reality show, or documentary even. The premise is that several people have teamed up to play a huge joke on unknowing Perry Carvello. Everybody in the movie is in on the joke except for Perry. He is being led to believe he will star in his own feature length action film.

But yeah, I had heard Jimmy Kimmel say a few years ago that the movie would never be seen again, and I wondered why. I thought maybe the guy Perry got upset and had them pull it or something. Anyway, I’m glad they’re releasing it on DVD, I plan on adding it to my queue right now.

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