So CBS cancelled “Armed & Famous” after 4 episodes.

Damnit, I enjoyed those 4 episodes. Oh well, I guess there is enough other crap on TV that I can watch, after all, I didn’t even notice it was off the air until someone mentioned it to me. But yeah, I kinda enjoyed the “celebrity cops” which featured Erik Estrada, LaToya Jackson, Trish Stratus, that dude Wee Man from Jackass (Jason Acuna), and maybe someone else, I don’t remember. Supposedly, they were “official” police officers in Muncie, Indiana.. but I wonder how much of the actual police academy they completed. Also, the crimes they were called out on were not really the most dangerous crimes if you know what I mean, but it was still an entertaining show, so maybe some network like TVLand or something will pick up the “lost” episodes.


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