“My Husband’s Three Wives” on TLC (The Learning Channel)


Haha, great reality show/documentary. I don’t think these people are mormon’s either. The show had already been on for 10 or 12 minutes when I stumbled onto it, but homeboy has had 2 wives for 19-20 years, and I think he has 3 or 4 kids. It looks like they live in a very nice above-average home.

These chicks are crazy for this guy, and he seems like a real tool, but hey I guess he has his women in check! Anyway, I think the premise of the show was that he recently brought home a third woman he plans to marry, and she had also helped save his home when he was in financial trouble, but the “original” wives seem to hate the new one and towards the end of the show they all take a vote and kick her ass out.. LOL.

I love the freaks that can be found on television.

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