Lonesome Jim – A Comedy by Steve Buscemi

I rented this IFCFilms movie Lonesome Jim and plan to watch it tonight. Steve Buscemi is usually brilliant in everything he is in, but he is directing this movie rather than acting. The film stars Casey Affleck as Jim, who “nearing the age of 30 with no real accomplishments to show for his years” returns to live with his parents.

Gee, that sounds familiar.. I have birthday #30 coming up at the end of this month. :|

Anyway, this is supposed to be a comedy, and it has good reviews from Ebert & Roeper. Plus it has good stars in it, Liv Tyler plays what I suspect will be Jim’s romantic interest, and actor Kevin Corrigan is also in the movie, he is also usually really good in the movies I’ve seen him in. He also played on that TV show “Grounded For Life” with Donal Logue.

Anyway, that’s what I have to look forward to tonight, well, that and the regular Tuesday night TV shows I watch (in particular, Friday Night Lights).

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