I just finished watching The Sopranos final season..

Yeah I know I’m behind times, seeing as how The Sopranos ended probably a year ago. At that time I didn’t have HBO, and the truth is that I just like to watch too much television to have time to watch it all as soon as it comes out, in fact, that’s really why I usually don’t get around to blogging about anything until a few days after the show is over or something.. and that’s why I end up watching some stuff after it comes out on DVD.

Anyway, I guess the Sopranos ending was OK, I didn’t really know what to expect. One thing I’m curious about though is that I noticed the Sopranos season 6 DVD’s  all say “part one”.. whats up with that? Are they leaving it open for a possible “part two”? Overall I must say, it was a great television series.

If this subject has already been discussed and answered on the internet somewhere, forgive me, but like I said, I’m behind times, so it’s new to me. :)

For anybody else that hasn’t seen the show, A&E Network is showing the whole series now on Wednesday nights, so you have a chance to catch up on anything you missed. Also, you can pick up any of the seasons or even the entire series on DVD at the A&E Store , and right now they’re having a special where if you buy 2 Sopranos items, you get a free Sopranos music soundtrack with all the great songs from the show! 

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3 thoughts on “I just finished watching The Sopranos final season..

  1. JHS

    That wasn’t the final season. The final season begins April 8th and will include 9 episodes.

    I am the world’s biggest Sopranos fan and it is the best show ever in the history of television. You do NOT want to watch it in its decimated form on A&E. That would be blasphemy. You want to get the DVD’s or wait for HBO to rerun all of the episodes which they will do in anticipation of the final episodes so that you can see it in its original and only acceptable form!

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