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Haven’t Posted In Awhile

I’ve been busy, if it’s not one thing it’s another, as they say. The biggest problem though, was that someone hacked the blog and screwed it up pretty good, and I didn’t have the time to sit down and fix it right away. Fortunately, I was finally able to take the time needed, and lucked upon finding out what the problem was and corrected it. Hooray. So now I should be able to post more often again.

The Suicide Kings

I bought this dvd years ago on clearance sale at a Blockbuster store. It’s been on a shelf since, and I haven’t watched it in awhile. If you’re wondering if it is a good movie, look at the cast. Denis Leary, Christopher Walken, Jay Mohr,Jeremy Sisto, Henry Thomas, Sean Patrick Flanery, and more.

Some of What I Watched This Week On TV

  • Persons Unknown #
  • Ok Persons Unknown is getting kind of stupid now.. #
  • Artie Lange #
  • Freaks and Geeks pilot episode on IFC. Classic. #
  • The Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet #
  • The Real World on mtv #
  • Afraid of The Dark on History channel #
  • Tosh.0 #
  • Elixer of The Toxic Frog, documentary on Current TV #
  • Friday Night Lights on NBC #
  • Oh great, the girl on Friday Night Lights doesn't "want" to have a baby now that she's pregnant. #
  • About a ton of martian rock lands on earth each year…wtf. #
  • Through The Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman. #

Some of What I Watched This Week On TV

  • Dual Survival on DISCOVERY #
  • Can't believe the long haired guy on Dual Survival has never seen a lizards tail wiggle after being cut off, and he says hes an outdoorsman. #
  • "Run & gun, get it done." #
  • This dude Cody on Dual Survival doesn't wear shoes. Ever. He thinks it makes him primitive. Dude realize footwear goes back thousands years. #
  • I understand the whole minimalist thing, but sometimes shoes = smart. #
  • Steve Carell leaving The Office #
  • The Bark Off commercial annoys me. And my dog. #
  • Persons Unknown. I think I missed an episode, not sure though. #
  • TVGuide app for Motorola Droid is awesome. #
  • Deadliest Catch #
  • RIP Captain Phil Harris :( #
  • Cheaters on G4…didn't this show get exposed as being fake? #
  • DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman pants? Fail. #
  • FitTV Insider Training, jiu-jitsu with Jean Jacques Machado #
  • The Real World: New Orleans. Wonder what kind of morons will be on the show this year. #
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC #
  • Marisa Tomei is still hot. #
  • Burning Man on CurrentTV #
  • The Purple Palace is cool… #
  • Friday Night Lights on NBC #
  • Racism from Friday Night Lights producers. "You an idiot fo thinkin yo snow white ass can make a difference" #
  • Of course the hero is going to be the convict ex-gangster. #