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Jimmy Kimmel Is Such A Shill For Barack Obama

Seriously, dude is my favorite late-night talk show host, and I went for years without missing a single episode, but there is no doubt he is clearly bias against John McCain. Every time I watch his show lately, he does a huge number of jokes about McCain/Palin in a funny, but negative, way. On the flipside, if he does anything funny about Obama, it’s in a positive way. Of course, it seems to be like this everywhere on television, whether it’s Saturday Night Live or anything else. Even tonight on Kimmel, during his annual half & half halloween costume pageant (where people are dressed as half one thing and half another) they had a cross dressing, cigarette smoking old man called “Olivia Newton John McCain” — and for Barack Obama, he was a superhero called “Baraqua Man”.

LOL @ Pink’s new song (i heard it on Jimmy Kimmel a couple nights ago)

Pink’s new song is called “Dear Mr. President”.. i just have to laugh at Pink trying to be political. I’m gonna break down some of the lyrics. She says she wants to ask him some questions. she says:

“How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?”

HAHA! Pink is an idiot, does she really expect us to this she is losing sleep? How does she know what the presidents sleeping habits are? Does she know that it’s the most stressful job in the world, meanwhile she writes songs like “Lets get this party started”.. what a dumbass she is. How does she know whether or not he cries? I don’t believe she gives a shit about anything other than selling her records and dating her motorcross boyfriend, and the color of her hair.. oh yeah, and she ends the song by saying “let me tell you bout hard work”.. like she can say anything about hard work to the president or anyone else involved at the top levels of running any country in the world.

Dear Pink, please shut your mouth.

Jimmy Kimmel should hire me to be a TV watcher.

He even had a contest a few months ago when he needed to hire a new TV watcher for his late night show. I could do this job. I applied for his contest and of course, nothing happened. Oh well, regardless, it won’t hinder the quantity or quality of my television watching skills.

This was as good of a first post as I could come up with.