Bam Margera’s Uncle Don Vito Convicted of Sexual Assault, Then Collapses

I posted about Don Vito’s arrest last year for sexual assault on two underage girls. Evidently he fondled the girls at some promotional event at a shopping mall.

Anyway, according to TMZ he was found guilty and collapsed in the courtroom.

Don Vito Collapses after Conviction

Don Vito has been found guilty of two counts of sexual assault on a child. He was acquitted on one count.

Vito, real name Vincent Margera, who is Bam Margera’s outrageous uncle on MTV’s “Viva La Bam,” was accused of fondling three girls during a public appearance at a mall in a Denver suburb. The victims of the sexual assault were 12 and 13. After the verdict was read, Don collapsed to the floor and yelled, “Just kill me now!” Deputies restrained him — and took his ass off to jail.

The crappy uncle still faces 12 felony counts for allegedly violating his bail; he was to have no contact with children under 18, and not consume drugs or alcohol, and was to provide detailed information on any business travel. The verdict on those counts is still pending. Vito will be sentenced on December 20.

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