“24″ Chloe O’Brien (Mary Lynn Rajskub) authentic AUTOGRAPHED card

Mary Lynn Rajskub Autograph 

I bought one on ebay a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was kind of neat that 24 has their own “trading card” set out, and randomly inserted into the packs are autographs of the stars. I didn’t buy any packs, I just bought the card by itself. I gotta say though, I think she’s trying to be like Prince with her signature, haha, seriously, that’s nothing more than a squiggly line! Here is a link to another one that ends in a few days. And here is a list of other ones including “buy-it-now” options so you don’t have to bid, you just buy it and be done. And yeah although I said the autograph kinda looks like a squiggly line, have no fear because below here I’ve included a scan of the back of the card, with the authenticity guarantee! Oh and check out the A&E store for 24 Seasons 1-4 DVD Set and other 24 DVD’s, these DVD’s will probably also be collectors items one day.

Mary Lynn Rajskub Autograph

24 Seasons 1-4 DVD Sets (120x90)


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