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You Can’t Do That On Television – Nickelodeon

Ya know, I’ve been thinking for a couple years now that I wished they would put out some old “You Can’t Do That On Television” episodes on DVD. I mean, I haven’t been thinking about it constantly, but it’s crossed my mind.

Dude, that was a really cool show if I remember correctly. Of course, I was probably only 8-12 years old back then when the show was on, but I clearly remember me and my cousin watching the show on Nickelodeon religiously and even trying to make our own “green slime” type of concoction. Weirdness.

I did a google search and found which looks like a really cool site. They even have weekly video’s of FULL episodes! I think I may watch one just for nostalgia sake.

WINDY CITY HEAT being released on DVD – hell yeah!

Dude I thought I would never see this movie again. Why? Because Jimmy Kimmel said so.

Honestly, I heard about this movie Windy City Heat a few years ago on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Jimmy was talking about how hilarious the movie was and mentioned that it’s directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. It was a “made for TV” movie that aired on Comedy Central only one time I think.

Anyway, the movie could actually be considered one long prank, or reality show, or documentary even. The premise is that several people have teamed up to play a huge joke on unknowing Perry Carvello. Everybody in the movie is in on the joke except for Perry. He is being led to believe he will star in his own feature length action film.

But yeah, I had heard Jimmy Kimmel say a few years ago that the movie would never be seen again, and I wondered why. I thought maybe the guy Perry got upset and had them pull it or something. Anyway, I’m glad they’re releasing it on DVD, I plan on adding it to my queue right now.

“My Husband’s Three Wives” on TLC (The Learning Channel)

Haha, great reality show/documentary. I don’t think these people are mormon’s either. The show had already been on for 10 or 12 minutes when I stumbled onto it, but homeboy has had 2 wives for 19-20 years, and I think he has 3 or 4 kids. It looks like they live in a very nice above-average home.

These chicks are crazy for this guy, and he seems like a real tool, but hey I guess he has his women in check! Anyway, I think the premise of the show was that he recently brought home a third woman he plans to marry, and she had also helped save his home when he was in financial trouble, but the “original” wives seem to hate the new one and towards the end of the show they all take a vote and kick her ass out.. LOL.

I love the freaks that can be found on television.

I guess the tv show “Invasion” on CBS has been cancelled.. one of the actors is now on “Prison Break” on FOX.

It’s too bad, I watched the tv show “Invasion” and I just assumed it had ended for the season, but now I find out that it is most likely cancelled. That kind of pisses me off, seeing as how there was never really any ending to it.

I noticed William Fichtner, who played Sheriff Tom Underlay on “Invasion” is now starring as a federal agent in the FOX television show “Prison Break”, so that’s why I decided to find out what happened to “Invasion”.

Oh well, TV shows come and go, no big deal.. I’m sure I’ll find myself tuning into plenty of new shows this season, enough to adequately fill up my schedule anyway.

“The Contender” on ESPN.

Wow, this show really sucks. Their main problem is showing boxing matches that are so heavily edited that you can’t accurately judge them. Also, their judges are very questionable.

I watched the previous seasons of The Contender, and they had the same problems. In fact, the finale of a previous season had such ridiculous judges decisions that I swore off watching the show, but unfortunately I tuned in this season and realized once again what a shitty show it is.

damn, an Oompa Loompa won the “Rockstar: Supernova” lead singer job.

First of all, I’m mildly pissed because I was going to record Rockstar Supernova and watch it later tonight, but somehow I accidently ended up recording “Dancing With The Stars” instead. Fuck. 

Yep, the person I least wanted to win, Lukas Rossi, is the new lead singer of the new band formed by Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, and Jason Newsted.

Yes, I think Lukas Rossi looks like an Oompa Loompa and he annoys me. I was expecting Toby Rand to win it, but I was wrong. I hope they produce some good music, but I have a gut feeling that the band may break up sooner rather than later.

From what I’ve heard, they’re not going to be allowed to use the name “Supernova” anyway because it’s already copyrighted or trademarked or whatever, by someone else.

Flavor of Love on VH1

ahhh.. for some reason, I watch this show every week.. where do they find these DUMB ASS women?

But that’s ok, as long as they provide entertainment for me. :)

And would someone PLEASE put this bitch that calls herself “New York” out of her misery? I think her real name is Tiffany Pollard. What a skank whore she is, and stupid as shit too. She tried to argue last night that “ignorant” and “uneducated” mean two different things.

But, she is far from the only dumbass skank on the show, earlier in the season one of the big fat chicks accidently took a SHIT in the middle of the room, on a tv show that is broadcast in who knows how many homes. Sure, it was an accidental shit. She didn’t mean to shit on the floor in the middle of the room, she was just too ignorant to say “may i be excused to the restroom?” and ended up farting and instead, shit came out.

What’s bad is that the stupid bitch was actually sounding proud of herself for shitting on the floor in public. She thought it made her unique. Umm, yes, it does, and your family must be so proud. Oh, and here is her picture, in all her stinky beauty:

Also last night, the dumb white bitch with a fake black accent decided to leave because Flavor Flav brought back the stupid ass black bitch “New York”.

I sincerely hope none of these skanks end upon any other television show again, ever.

But I’ll watch it again next season if they usher in another crop of ignorant females.

“Windfall” on NBC & actress Alice Greczyn (who is possibly the greatest looking female on TV right now)

Oh my God this girl is FINE.

As for the show itself, I have no idea what is going on with it. First I thought it was simply a season finale last week, now I find out that it is probably a series finale? What the fuck NBC?

If they don’t bring this show back for another season, I’ll be slightly pissed, but regardless, I hope to see Alice Greczyn on TV again soon. :)

“The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin dead at 44. Reportedly killed by a stingray barb.

reported by the Sidney Morning Herald

Wow, what a pisser.. I liked the dude and thought he was really funny. I guess his death shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, considering his lifestyle of messing with deadly animals, but still, it’s a bit of a shocker..

 and this is a picture i found on the net of a stingray barb.